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I am the proud owner of a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne 2500. And come to the point i have to put a new motor in my Baby. I recently bought a 5.7 liter 350. What i received is a Target Master 350, Crate motor.
I was super happy and excited. All i have ever heard is how much more power and better a crate motor is compared. So i was not surprised to learn i was mistaken. I was told that the engine was a new rebuild. Only "twenty thousand miles "and was taken out of the truck after it was totaled. Needless to say, i wanted to have a buddy of mine look it over. So i am not having to repeat this in 6 months.
My question to The Cheyenne Chat is---. Do i need to get a certain kind of gasket set? And if so.. What one? And do i need to use a RTV sealant when i go back together with it? If
Thank You, J.J.
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